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OUR Services

Jewelry Services Tailored to Your Needs

We're here to help you with whatever service your jewelry needs. Simply bring your piece to our studio and let us assist you. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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Working with damaged or improperly fitting fine jewelry requires an eye for detail and knowledge of several metalworking techniques depending on the original method of production. We can re-size and repair both old and new jewelry.

This includes:

  • Poor fitting jewelry

  • Loose or missing stones

  • Bent or damaged structures

  • Attachments and fittings


We can rework, enhance, or create complimentary additions to any jewelry.

  • Adding stones

  • Restructuring core elements for a different look

  • Creating complimentary jewelry

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Whether your jewelry has lost stones, or it suffers from scuffing, scraping, or other signs of wear and tear, we breathe new life into your much loved, well-worn treasures.

  • Restoration of estate jewelry

  • Remove, add, or change patina

  • Incorporate custom designs into existing jewelry

  • Change type of stones used, colors, and enhance clarity


We offer deep cleaning services in order to give your precious stones the respect they deserve.

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Appraisals & Evaluation

We offer full appraisals of jewelry.

  • For insurance or estate valuation purposes

  • Stones graded and inventoried

  • Metal type and weight evaluated

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