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Custom Design

Whether you have a specific vision in mind, or you need inspriation, Dasheen specializes in unique custom designs, using the highest quality metals and stones. Do you have a special memory, passion, or theme you would like to incorporate into a truly unique representation of your Love?

The Process Begins

Dikran will sit down with you to understand what you have in mind. With pencil and pad, ideas are sketched, stones and metals are chosen, and a truly unique piece of Jewelry starts it's journey.

Precision Wax Molds are Created

Once a design is chosen, Dikran carefully creates the next step in your masterpiece - wax molding of the actual Jewelry. This is where your two-dimensional concept becomes 3D. This is the beginning of your vision taking shape.

Stones are Fit, Refinements are Made

Once the Mold is created, the precious stones are carefully laid into the wax with the highest precision. This ensures a perfect fit for the final casting.

The Vision is Cast - From Wax to Precious Metal

Once the wax-mold is perfected, Dasheen casts your custom design into precious metal. Whether it is gold, silver, platinum, or any other metal you desire, our process ensures perfection every time.

From Concept to Reality

Stones are fitted and checked for tightness and durability, all finishing work is performed, and the final design comes to life!

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